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Note: none of the following fields is required; however, if you choose not to supply any of them, then you will have to contact me via phone, email, or at the rink so I can give you the requested information.   Email: rena "at", phone: 916.771.3359

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Note: For clothing requests, I require body measurements prior to construction, however, for the purpose of a quote, a clothing size will be sufficient. Please supply either the appropriate measurements or size.

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The design ID is located below the photo. This page is laid out so you can mix and match muliple design IDs. If you are using a single ID, you only need to enter it once. Enter additional specifications, notes, or comments at the bottom. Email a drawing or photo if that will help.

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If you have fabric already selected that you wish me to purchase, enter the yardage price, and location. If not, I will include the yardage cost at $15/yd so you can see the complete cost. Many fabrics will cost less, some will be more. I will be happy to assist you in selecting a fabric, and you are welcome to use one I already have. In any case, I do not mark-up the fabric.

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Please include additional information as needed - Trim desired, clarification of design, etc.