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Dance Parts 1 thru 3

Dance Part 2 - Ring

Dance Part 4

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Production Music cut 1

Other Info

Pre-Alpha Elements

Two-foot glide, One-foot glide (right & left), Forward swizzle, Backward Wiggle, Backward Swizzle

Alpha Elements

Forward Stroking, Forward Crossovers (right & left), One-foot snowplow stop

Beta Elements

Backward Stroking, Backward crossovers (right & left), T-stop (right and left)

Gamma Elements

Forward outside 3-turn (right & left), Forward inside open mohawk combination (right & left), Hockey stop

Delta Elements

Forward inside 3-turn (right & left), Forward edges (outside & inside), Shoot-the-duck or Lunge (choice), Bunny Hop

Freestyle 1 Elements

Forward inside pivot, Two-foot spin, Forward Arabesque (spiral), Backward edges (outside & inside), half flip, waltz jump

Freestyle 2 Elements

Ballet jump, Half toe walley, Half lutz, One-foot spin, Two forward Arrabesques (spirals, different feet or edges), Dance step sequence

Freestyle 3 Elements

Backward pivot (outside or inside) Salchow jump, Change foot spin, Backward Arabesque (Spiral), Toe loop jump or Toe Walley Jump, Dance step sequence

Freestyle 4 Elements

Flip jump, Loop jump Sit-spin, Half loop jump, Two backward arabesques (right and left), Dance step sequence

Freestyle 5 Elements

Lutz jump, Axel jump, Camel spin, Camel-sit-upright spin, Fast back scratch spin, Dance step sequence

Freestyle 6 Elements

Split jump, Split falling leaf jump, Jump sequence (Axel, half loop, flip), Double salchow, Spin (cross foot, layback, or sit change sit), Dance step sequence

Freestyle 7 Elements

double jump (tow loop or toe walley), Two walley in sequence, combination spin (change for foot and position), Jump sequence (1-foot axel, 1/4 flip, Axel), Opposite direction jump (flip, loop, or lutz), Dance step sequence

Freestyle 8 Elements

Double loop jump, double flip jump, Split Lutz jump, Sit Spin (flying or Axel), Jump sequence (1 1/4 flip, 1 1/4 flip, Double salchow), Camel-jump-camel spin, Dance step sequence

Freestyle 9 Elements

Opposite spin, Double lutz jump, Jump combination (Axel, Double Loop) Axel jump (Opposite direction or double), Jump combination (rocker or counter jump, Dboule tow assisted jump, Double loop), Flying camel into jump sit spin, Dance step sequence

Freestyle 10 Elements

Jump combination (Double Axel, Double Toe loop), Triple Edge jump, Death drop, Jump combination (4 alternation axels or triple toe assist, Double Loop), Three-in-a-row (Ariabian cartwheels or Butterfly jumps), Creative Dance step sequence